About The Sports Insanity Network

Our History

Our story began in August of 2012 when Bill Murphy and Lawrence Lang joined Dutchess radio at Dutchess Community College. Even though both were part of the radio station the two would not join forces till December. In the months between Bill would create The Sports Insanity Hour (SIH) and would have two co-hosts. The show would remain in limbo because it wasn’t radio-ready. One of the co-hosts would leave due to losing interest and wanting to explore other clubs at DCC. Murphy and the remaining co-host Ross Mazin would continue to get the show live on the air, but the show was yet to be radio ready.

Then the VP Miguel Troncoso of DCC Radio Club at the time approached Lang in February who was given the radio name Patchy was asked to sit on one of the radio practices shows. The reason was to see if he could be the missing piece to get SIH finally live . After a brief discussion with Mazin, Murphy about discussing the New York Yankees and then Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez, the puzzle was complete. After Mazin and Murphy mutually parted ways to better the show, Lang would join and in the words of Bill in one of his famous radio quotes “And Now Boom,” the show went live in March of 2013, and SIH was born.

For the rest of the semester even though it was short, Murphy and Lang would be live on DCC radio and would engage each other about sports and what was happening at that time.

Then in the Fall of 2013, the third piece of the puzzle came on Dan Ryans, aka Reginald. Another Insane Sports fan was welcomed to the show with open arms at the SIH. the show would become a trio, and they would even better dynamic between the three.

in the fall 2014 SIH would become a duo again after only one year due to a heavy college schedule, Lang would have to leave the show Murphy and Ryans would continue the show and as the old saying goes, ” The show must go on.”

In the spring of 2015 it would be the final semester for SIH, and Lang would be back for the last year of the show. SIH would end on May 11, 2015, with an emotional day of laughs and tears the three knew it was an end of the journey for now. SIH remains the third-longest show in DCC radio history.

The show was well-liked in the radio club at DCC. Many other members of the radio club would partake in the show and would have the privilege of seeing two well-known people from the sports world. Patrick Hyland, an Irish boxer who today has a record of 31-3, 15 of which came of Knock outs, went on the show in 2014 to talk about his career and sports with Lang & Murphy.

In 2015 Richard Albero came on the show to talk about his walk from Tampa Florida to Yankee Stadium for the Wounded Warriors Project. The trip took 86 days to walk the 1,142 miles to Yankee Stadium and would raise $56,000 for W.W.P Alberto would talk about his walk and would even give his opinions on A-Rod, and his scandal on doping. Sadly in March of 2020, Albero passed away at the age of 70. We were saddened and shocked by the news of his passing, here at SIP, he and his family are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Current logo for SIP

Now in 2020, in the minces of a global pandemic with the Cornavrins, the trio reunited and rebranded SIH to Sports Insanity Podcast, and on April 27, 2020, SIP was born. We hope you get some entrainment out of us ,and as our new saying goes, ” You don’t go Insane you save that for us.”

Current logo for SIN

In June of 2021 SIP became the Sports Insanity Network still keeping the SIP name for just the podcast.

The name change came when SIP had a merger with two other podcasts. The Breakaway Bandits which are hosted by Nathan Moser, Mike Rifkin, and Noah Trombley who talk about anything from NHL and anything else hockey.

Along with Rifkin and Trombley their other podcast Face Turn talks about the world of professional wrestling.

The SIN Crew was excited to create the network in the hopes of growing their brand and audience. At the end of 2022 The Network now has six podcasts, four vlog series and three live shows and many blog series. In 2023 the network hopes to grow even more.

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