SIN’s Wishbone Shotgun

Hosts: Noah Trombley, Mike Rifkin, Adam Reeder, and Tommy Roussos

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There are a lot of wishes when it comes to Football. The Buffalo Bills finally winning it all, Tom Brady finally retires and another perfect season in which now is 22-0 since the adding of the 18 week in the NFL season.

The wish from Reeder, Rifkin, Roussos and Trombley is to become the Hail Mary of football podcasts as they bring their opinions and views when it comes to the NFL. So Shotgun whats ever in your hand and break a wishbone with a family member or friend and listen to SIN’s Wishbone Shotgun.

Here at SIN’s Wishbone Shotgun we can be found on your favorite listing apps (Spotify, Anchor, iHeartradio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts & many more.) 

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