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Blog: This Week In Wrestling

I love the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs. I will root for the Mets as long as they are not playing the Yankees or Cubs. I became a Yankees fan around 1987 or so and a Cubs Fan around 1988. Mainly because my favorite show was and still is Married With Children, and Al Bundy was a Cubs fan.When it comes to football, I’m a Giants fan but root for the Jets if they are not playing the Giants. I love to see how mad Jets fans get every year at the draft. I also like the Titans because I’ve been to Nashville twice, which is a fantastic city.

I’m a New York Rangers fan but don’t get to watch hockey as much as I’d like, and I try to watch basketball now and then. When I do, I usually watch the Bulls since I still root for them since the Jordan era.
The Michigan Wolverines are my favorite team, followed by the Alabama Crimson Tide when it comes to college football. I started liking the Wolverines because of the movie Red Dawn, and they shouted WOLVERINES at times in the movie.

I also follow European football. I have certain teams I watch when I get the chance. Manchester United, Roma, AC Milan, and Bayern Munich.
When I’m not watching those teams, I’m busy watching pro wrestling.

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