The Insanity Extended Family

Here at (SIP) we would like to thank the Insanity Extended Family from the beginning as (SIH) to when we relaunched in March of 2020 as (SIP) here below you will get to know them.

So getting to know the Extended family is important because one day you might just see them on the network, also you never know maybe on day your face will be here and you will forever be apart of the Insanity Family.

Bee Lang

Nickname Parent Patchy

#1 Fan Since 2013.

Barry Lang or sometimes known as Bee Lang by friends and family is better known as Parent Patchy here at (SIP) is the father to Patch-man. When Patch-man and the gang were at Dutchess radio, he would call in many times on numerous shows that the station had to offer.

He would discuss topics that shows were talking about, and would also call in or text the Patch-Man specific song requests. When it came to Patch-Mans other show 90s and Now, which was a rock music radio show that would play 90’s to the current year rock music.

When it comes to the sports world, he is a New York Knicks, New York Giants, and when growing up he was a Cincinnati Reds fan. At this time is not really into sports due to all the shenanigans that are happening.

You can guarantee that he will be watching Friday Night Knicks on MSG when the Knickerbockers season is going on. Go New York Go New York Go!!!!!!!

Even though he is away from the game right now, Parent Patchy is a bowler with a high game of 299 and a high series of 805. He is also an avid pool player.

Parent Patchy is also a car salesman in Catskill, New York, so if you are in the area, look him up so you can get the sweet ride you been looking for.

Christine Conciatori

Former Co-Host of the Sports Insanity Podcast December 2020- May 2021

Christine Conciatori is one of those weird and uncommon Patriots/Yankees fans! she graduated from Lehman College in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. she enjoys talking about sports with her friends. She is looking forward to joining the Sports Insanity Podcast & network. She also hopes to gain more knowledge of sports than just baseball and Football. When it comes to hockey, she apologies; she doesn’t watch too often but promises to do better, so hang on there. She might surprise you in the future.

Twitter handle: theconciatori ? Blog: Conciatoris Conscious

Eric Ford

Nickname Big Brother

He is a fun chill dude who loves sports and movies. He loves the New York Jets and New York Yankees and would be a Knicks fan but there isn’t enough of antidepressants in the world to make him go that route.

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