Past Guests

Sports Insanity Network would like to thank those who took time out of their busy schedules to spend some time with us. Here you will find our past interviews that we have conducted.

Matt Martell

Writer at Sports Illustrated

Martell is a writer at SI and has written many articles about how baseball has been affected by the Coronavirus and much more. click here to watch the interview from 05/02/2020

Matt Martell: SI page click here

Daniel Arons

Founder & CEO of Family Ballpark Memories

Arons’s mission is to create lifelong memories at sporting events for low-income families by giving them tickets to sporting events through his foundation. click here to watch the interview from 6/20/20


Jaclyn Murphy

Founder Of the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation

Murphy’s foundation helps children who have brain tumors and other illnesses get paired up with high school and college sports teams along with other college clubs. click here to watch the interview from 06/27/2020

If you want more information about the foundation click the link below to be re directed right to her foundation website. Website:

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