Rodger Rodger Where is Big-Ben?

By Lawrence Lang

This Summer, there is a mystery upon us what is the status of Ben Roethlisberger, and has the clock finally reached midnight for Roethlisberger? After a Wildcard loss to the Cleveland Browns back on January 10th, 2021, we saw Roethlisberger go 47/68 501 yds passing, four touchdowns, and four interceptions. Roethlisberger was shown on the team’s bench by himself, helmet on. A close-up photo emerged of a tear running down his face, maybe signifying maybe the end is finally here for him. With training camp on the Horizon we, haven’t heard much news about whether or not he will return for a 17th season.

For Roethlisberger is career is by far no joke. He was drafted #11 in the first round of the 2004 draft and was the offensive rookie of the year that same year. In just his second year in the league, he would win his first Super Bowl at SB 40, beating the Seattle Seahawks, and would add his second ring three years after that, winning SB 43 beating the Arizona Cardinals. His last appearance in the SB would be two years later at SB 45 is where he also suffered his first and only loss in the Super Bowl, losing to the Green Bay Packers.

Big Ben is also one of six quarterbacks in NFL history to have beaten at least 31 of the current NFL teams. As a quarterback, he has a 396-201 TD-INT ratio with 60,348 passing yards and a 94.0 passer rating.

With injuries hurting him the last few years, it just might be time at 38 years old Roethlisberger is up there in age as a quarterback in the NFL, and there should be no shame in retiring before the age of 40. A future Hall of Famer, he is one of five quarterbacks left from the 2000’s era of the NFL, the others being Philip Rivers, who has since announced his retirement and was drafted fourth overall in the 2004 NFL draft class. Tom Brady who was drafted in the 2000 NFL draft in the 6th round with the 199th pick. Drew Brees, who also retired at the end of the season, was drafted in 2001 in the second round at pick number 32, and Aaron Rodgers was drafted the year after Roethlisberger and Rivers in the 2005 NFL draft with the 24th pick in the first round.

We are witnessing what is left of the old generation of quarterbacks left of the 2000s as the new generation takes over who can throw the ball and run the ball. For Roethlisberger, if he chooses to ride off into the sunset, don’t be ashamed that it ended in a loss know that you made your mark in the NFL and will one day join the head mounts in Canton, Ohio, with the rest of the NFL greats along with your Steelers breathings.


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