What If (Pro-Wrestling Edition)- What if AEW and WWE came together and mashed the best of the best in each specialized battle royal? Part 2

By Allison Weiner

Welcome to What If? (Pro Wrestling Edition). In this series, I give a predicament that could or could have potentially happened in the pro wrestling universe. Previously, I have decided to mash AEW and WWE’s famous battle royales for their tag team, women’s, and men’s division. 

I have decided that the women competing will participate in a 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale, the tag teams will compete in a 24-tag team Royal Rampage, and the men will compete in the Greatest Royal Rumble and make it a 50-man Royal Rumble.

*Disclaimer: Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns are not on any of these lists as they deserve a match of their own, and Bray Wyatt is not on any list as we have only seen 1 match out of him since his return to WWE. Cody Rhodes and MJF are not on this list as I feel either of them will face the winner of the 50-man Royal Rumble at a PPV of their choice and could face each other in this type of event.

As a reminder, here are the entries for each famous battle royal….

AEW WomensWWE WomensAEW Tag TeamsWWE Tag TeamsAEW MensWWE Mens
Dr. Britt Baker D.M.DBecky LynchBest FriendsImperiumKenny OmegaDrew Mcyntire
Ruby SohoNatalyaButcher & The BladeStreet ProfitsNick JacksonSheamus
SarayaBayleyDark OrderJudgement DayMatt JacksonGunther
Jaime HayterAsukaHouse of BlackThe O.C.Chris JerichoThe Miz
Nyla RoseLiv MorganGunn ClubViking RaidersHangman Adam PageBrock Lesnar
AthenaBianca BelairTop FlightBrawling BrutesDarby AllinBobby Lashley
RihoRaquel RodriguezYoung BucksLegado Del FantasmaSammy GuevaraSami Zayn
Hikaru ShidaShayna BaszlerFTRAlpha AcademyBryan DanielsonKevin Owens
Toni StormRhea RipleyLucha BrosThe Creed Bros.Brody KingSeth Rollins
Jade CargillCharlotte FlairRed DragonGallusMalakai BlackFinn Balor
Alexa BlissJASCedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin Jay LethalDamian Priest
The AcclaimedUsosAdam ColeDominick Mysterio
HookRey Mysterio
Jungle Boy Jack PerryBraun Strowman
Claudio CastagnoliAJ Styles
Wheeler YutaShinsuke Nakamura
Mark BriscoeKofi Kingston
Samoa JoeXavier Woods
Max CasterElias
Anthony BowensAustin Theory
Orange CassidyRandy Orton
WardlowMatt Riddle
Eddie KingstonJohnny Gargano
CM PunkTomasso Ciampa
Ricky StarksEdge

Let’s see the entries I have made for the 21-Women Casino Battle Royal

Suit WomenEliminatedEliminated byTotal Eliminations
ClubsDr. Britt Baker D.M.D.WinnerN/A3
ClubsToni Storm2nd/20th PlaceDr. Britt Baker DMD0
ClubsRiho1st/21st PlaceBayley0
ClubsBayley9th/13th PlaceBecky Lynch1
ClubsLiv Morgan3rd/19th PlaceSaraya0
DiamondsSaraya10th/12th PlaceRuby Soho, Becky Lynch, and Jaime Hayter3
DiamondsNyla Rose7th/15th PlaceRhea Ripley2
DiamondsHikaru Shida5th/17th PlaceJade Cargill and Rhea Ripley0
DiamondsAlexa Bliss4th/18th PlaceNyla Rose0
DiamondsRhea Ripley16th/6th PlaceBianca Belair3
HeartsNatalya8th/14th PlaceSaraya0
HeartsRuby Soho15th/7th PlaceCharlotte Flair1
HeartsJade Cargill6th/16th PlaceNyla Rose1
HeartsBecky Lynch18th/4th PlaceCharlotte Flair1
HeartsRaquel Rodriguez13th/9th PlaceRhea Ripley0
SpadesShayna Baszler14th/8th PlaceAsuka1
SpadesAthena10th/11th PlaceShayna Baszler0
SpadesAsuka17th/5th PlaceCharlotte Flair and Dr. Britt Baker DMD2
SpadesJaime Hayter11th/10th PlaceSaraya and Asuka1
SpadesBianca BelairRunner UpDr. Britt Baker DMD2
JokerCharlotte Flair19th/3rd PlaceBianca Belair and Dr. Britt Baker DMD3

Here are the entries for the 24-tag team battle royale

I didn’t give any extra details of who was eliminated by whom because it would be complex, but the final two are Jey Uso and Matt Jackson, and 3rd place is Cash Wheeler.

Color & Entry #Tag TeamEliminated overall 
Red 1The New Day40th and 37th
Red 2Hurt Business48th and 47th
Blue 1Best Friends46th and 44th
Blue 2FTR19th and 3rd
Red 3Legado Del Fantasma45th and 36th
Blue 3JAS30th and 29th
Red 4Judgment Day37th and 31st
Blue 4Alpha Academy43rd and 39th
Red 5Dark Order42nd and 41st
Blue 5House of Black35th and 26th
Red 6Butcher & The Blade38th and 32nd
Blue 6Usos11th and WINNER
Red 7Imperium28th and 20th
Blue 7Gunn Club34th and 33rd
Red 8Young Bucks10th and RUNNER UP
Blue 8Acclaimed27th and 14th
Red 9Gallus23rd and 16th
Blue 9Viking Raiders25th and 24th
Red 10Brawling Brutes21st and 15th
Blue 10Lucha Bros18th and 8th
Red 11Top Flight22nd and 17th
Blue 11Street Profits9th and 7th
Red 12The O.C.12th and 6th
Blue 12Red Dragon5th and 4th

Finally, here are the entry prediction for the 50 Man Royal Rumble with the final 2 participants in the rumble fighting it out for almost 10 minutes.

Entry #MenEliminatedEliminated ByTotal Eliminations
1Elias1stDamian Priest0
2Max Caster2ndDamian Priest0
3Damian Priest10thYoung Bucks3
4Darby Allin3rdJudgment Day0
5Finn Balor9thKenny Omega1
6The Miz5thJay Lethal0
7Dominik Mysterio8thYoung Bucks1
8Sammy Guevara7thEddie Kingston0
9Jay Lethal12thAdam Cole0
10Xavier Woods4thKenny Omega 0
11Kevin Owens24thBryan Danielson2
12Kenny OmegaWINNERN/A7
13Kofi Kingston6thKenny Omega0
14Eddie Kingston13thKevin Owens1
15Austin Theory11thJohnny Gargano0
16Matt Jackson16thBraun Strowman1
17Nick Jackson17thBraun Strowman1
18Adam Cole14thEdge1
19Johnny Gargano23rdTomasso Ciampa2
20Edge25thTomasso Ciampa1
21Hook19thBrody King0
22Orange Cassidy15thKevin Owens0
23Anthony Bowens18thBraun Strowman0
24Braun Strowman20thBrody King3
25Brody King21stDrew Mcyntire1
26Drew Mcyntire36thClaudio Castagnoli2
27Sami Zayn22ndTomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano0
28Tomasso Ciampa30thGunther3
29Bryan Danielson32ndRandy Orton1
30Wardlow28thSamoa Joe2
31Bobby Lashley26thWardlow0
32Matt Riddle27thWardlow0
33Gunther33rdClaudio Castagnoli2
34Samoa Joe29thWardlow, Gunther, and Drew Mcyntire1
35Seth Rollins49th/Runner UpKenny Omega3
36Jungle Boy Jack Perry31stGunther0
37Claudio Castagnoli43rdHangman Adam Page3
38Randy Orton37thSheamus1
39Sheamus38thClaudio Castagnoli1
40Wheeler Yuta35thDrew Mcyntire0
41Ricky Starks34thDrew Mcyntire0
42Rey Mysterio39thMalakai Black0
43AJ Styles41stChris Jericho1
44Malakai Black40thAJ Styles, and Kenny Omega1
45Shinsuke Nakamura42ndHangman Adam Page0
46Chris Jericho47thHangman Adam Page2
47Hangman Adam Page48th/3rd PlaceSeth Rollins and Kenny Omega4
48Mark Briscoe44thBrock Lesnar0
49Brock Lesnar45thHangman Adam Page, Seth Rollins, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho1
50CM Punk46thSeth Rollins0

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